SunErgos blog update: Shopping and Exploring

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A blog within a blog!

SunErgos International maintains its own blog, including updates from our team as well as teams that have served with SunErgos in past seasons.  Find that link below, and post comments there if you’d like to encourage the team:

I’ll continue to post updates on this blog page as well.


Good Morning from Finland!

We touched down in Finland about 20 minutes ago, a little earlier than expected. The 8 hour flight from Chicago served us well. Most of us slept, but we can’t quite keep track of time, as it is still July 1 back in the states. From what we saw through the window, Finland is absolutely beautiful! We board our next and final (!) flight to St. Petersburg around 9:30 and reach the city around noon! It still doesn’t feel completely real, but we are beyond excited to join Tanya and the Sun Eros staff for the coming month!


We will keep you posted!

And off they go!

All four team members met early this morning at SeaTac Airport in Seattle. Over the coming month they’ll spend time with marginalized Russian youth, helping with Vacation Bible School activities and a summer camp on the Gulf of Finland. They’ll keep you updated through the blog.

Thanks for your support of these students! Please let me know if you have questions.

Owen Sallee, SPRINT Advisor


Random #TeamRussiaAdventures


Team Russia at SPRINT Sundae on 5/18!


Krista and the Russian nesting dolls at SPRINT Sundae!


This is from the Russian food market in Seattle (Aurora Ave.)


Our loot from the Russian market. We each bought different snacks and drinks for everyone to try.


McKenzie and Thaddaeus’ first time at Ivar’s Fish Bar! They are a famous seafood chain around Seattle (with some of the best fish and chips in the city!)

Introducing: Kalie

здравствуйтеMy name is Kalie, but everyone calls me K . I’m a junior studying International Affairs and Russian, and when I have the time to read something other than articles about game theory or “verbs of motion in the Russian language,” I love a good adventure somewhere far, far away. Think the Shire or the 600th floor of the Empire State Building. In a few months, I will be embarking on my own adventure with an amazing team of people. For me, this trip has been three years in the making…better late than never, right? I’m not sure who was in the preparation process – me or Russia. 🙂 I am a Southern California native who constantly craves bonzai bowls and In-N-Out (typical, I know). I’ve learned to space out my doses over the course of 2-3 months – and not by choice. My usual food items include coffee and some sort of chips and salsa. I’ve also had a thing for chocolate chip oatmeal lately.

Although Russian food is quite different than what I’m used to, I am beyond excited and blessed to be going. I can’t wait to be serving in such a beautiful country with three awesome teammates.

Anyway, welcome. I can’t begin to tell you how exciting, exhausting, and wonderful these next few months are going to be. Here we go.


By the way, here is my favorite Russian cartoon: