Sunday Funday!

Hey( or Privyet )Family and Friends!
Easily said that so far so good. It has been an exciting last few days getting more situated with not only our team and lovely host but with Russia as well. Whether it be riding the metro, eating crêpes, exploring ornate cathedrals, attending a local church service, or outlining our lesson plans for our upcoming time at the orphanage each moment has proven to be a an enriching one. Our host has been great at giving us more than just a tourist exploration of St. Petersburg as we’ve gotten to travel as the fellow Russians do. For one, we’ve learned that Krista ( and the majority of us) don’t speak Russian but we do know to always bring a jacket with you as the weather in St. Petersburg is very unpredictable. We have yet to see the beautiful sunset, as we are usually snoozing by the time the sun does its thing. We are told it gets dark after midnight!Every day we are grateful as we learn more and more about our host country. I can easily speak for us all in saying we are anxious for tomorrow and finally getting to build relationships with the kids at the orphanage.
Thanks for your support and God bless!
Russia SPRINT team (written by McKenzie)


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