First Post – McKenzie

Hey Everyone!

My name is McKenzie Schneider and I’m currently a freshman at Seattle Pacific University. Lucky for me, college has started out on a good note. Here at Seattle Pacific I plan on majoring in International Relations and minoring in  Latin American studies. School has been great at providing me with opportunities to expand on my passions wether it be through clubs ( SALSA, SPRINT,  A.C.E. Cultural Exchange, In Context, and Intramurals) or the expected and never-ending school work.   One club in particular that I couldn’t be more excited for is SPRINT. I’m looking forward to the Russia trip and the preparation process has been keeping me busy whether it be through renewing my passport or trying to sell pies.  The day of retreat was an exhausting one but an ever so enriching experience. It was a great way to get an idea of what Russia would be like with the team. For instance, we all are fans of ” How I Met Your Mother”  and we all didn’t flinch to try the mystery food ( durian) and one member in particular ( Thaddaeus) even asked for seconds! Well I shall keep you  posted on the progress and if you have anything you would like for me to expand on feel free to let me know!

Till next time,



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